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Goat Milk Soap!

In March of 2021, I decided to focus on my own mental health and self-worth. I was working my tail off, managing my ranch, and attending college (full-time as a Pre-Vet student.) I was overwhelmed and didn't have time for myself... I wanted to focus on my education while still focusing on my sweet goats. Alas... Goat milk soap ran through my mind. I began to experiment with soap! this allowed me to focus on my school and ranch, while still maintaining an income. 

All of our soaps are handmade, in the small town of Prunedale Ca, off the Monterey coast. My soaps are made with local goat milk, literally from my goats! My goats are fed a specially formulated diet to maintain their health and keep their milk production steady. All of my goats are loved and sincerely cared for. When purchasing our milk products you can rest assured you are getting top-notch quality, while supporting a young goat farmer!

Our soaps are made with organic, and natural ingredients (when applicable*)

We use high-quality, sustainably produced essential oils. All ingredients are listed on each soap page. *These bars are hand-poured, hand-mixed, and hand-cut. The size and color of bars will vary slightly, which adds to their unique, one-of-a-kind nature.

Our soaps do NOT contain artificial colors, artificial fragances, lard, wax, sulfates, or any synthetic cleaning chemicals! Our soaps are vegetarian and the milk comes from humanely cared for, well-loved goats!

So what are the benefits of goat milk soap?

"Goat milk soap can prevent or control acne, dry skin (also called xerosis,) ans supports a healthy skin microbiome" (Healthline).

It has also been shown (and medically reviewed by Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, MD)

To benefit those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and be safe for sensitive skin!

It also is shown to give your skin a dose of vitamins, (Andersen, TheHealthy).


If you have extra time, take a look through our website to find the pics of the goats that our soaps are named after.
Thank you for your support!


"I love the soaps I received! Thank you so much."

— Watsonville, Ca

How to order:
Please select and add the items to your cart you would like to buy. 
Pay via PayPal, or input card information.

Please ensure your shipping address is correct- as this is where your package will be sent.

Discounts! Use these codes at checkout for some extra mulah taken off!

3 soap bars for $25, use code (3FOR25)
Orders of $50+ free shipping! use code, (FREE50)
Buy 6 soaps get 1 free, and free shipping! (7 soaps for $50 which is over a 28% discount! Almost $3 saved off each
bar!) use code, (BOGO)

Shipping dates - Tuesdays and Fridays
Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping!

We will also be attending flea markets, and pop-up meets! Stay tuned on our Facebook page to hear the latest! 

Buy 6 bars get one free! There is no option for this in the checkout, simply let me know in the "Note for seller" section what free bar you would like, if you do not let me know I will throw a free "surprise bar" in!

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